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Face Masking Fridays...

My skin feels a little dehydrated and delightfully dull at the moment thanks to this change in weather, general working hours and life torments, so in a free hour of a normally jam-packed Saturday, I decided to try a new face mask to liven up my lifeless, cell depleting skin.

I used a product made by a company called Good Things this is available in boots and costs a humble £5.99. They have a whole great range available which has been developed by a beauty writer so this is a product which knows its stuff! Paraben, mineral oil, and Sodium Laureth Sulphate free, (these are basically the bad things in mixtures that kick the life out of skin and cause follicles to stand up and scream "I'm a pore, get me out of here") This is an all round good product for sensitive skin.

I applied a generous amount of the mask using a clean foundation brush, allowing me to cover my entire face neatly and avoid the eye and lip are where our skin is considerably thinner and more susceptible to harm from treatments. With a thick layer of clay on my face and neck I waited about 10-15 mins in which time it dried and made my skin feel hard, like I had been zapped by and evil sorcerous and turned to stone, very fitting for the month of October!

I then simply washed off the product using a gentle muslin (flannel) and some warm water. Once my face was clear of mask I felt like my skin had been relieved of all the pain it had held over the last few months! Refreshed, renewed and smooth I could even see a slight english rose flush back in my cheeks, which had died a long time previously. The Manuka honey and papaya extract really helped sooth my skin and cleared out all the impurities. It even helped the redness in some blemishes fade and my spots had withdrawn there angry troops leaving the odd few to fight a loosing battle they now faced against this amazing product!

I will add that it is suitable for vegetarians which is a great step forward in

this beauty industry insistent on using many unnecessary animal extracts in their products. All in all I loved this face mask and will look forward to trying more things from this range, Thank you Good Things!

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