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Coconut Oil, what can we actually do with it?

You can cook with it, cleanse, moisturise and tone with it, bake with it, clean with it, put it in your hair, eat it and bath in it. What is this wonder product?? I hear you shout with enjoyment. Well, I would like to introduce to you and familiarise you with natures own, Coconut Oil.

Coconut Oil is a natural oil extracted from the flesh of the fruit. It is entirely organic with no added preservatives or specials. It starts as a solid and melts down to an oil at higher temperatures. The best way to get the right consistency is to sit your jar in a bowl of warm water until you have the sufficient amount for your beauty regime.

1) Coconut oil is incredible for moisturising your hair and adding some shine and condition to those dull straw like ends. Simply wash your hair as normal, then apply your oil to the ends of your hair, leave for 5-10 mins rinse throughly and gorgeous sleek locks you shall have.

2) Rub into your warm skin after showering or bathing for a beautiful body moisturiser. The oil is great for any dry skin/eczema and leaves your skin feeling soft with a beautiful summer glow.

3) A good makeup remover is very hard to find. Something that doesn't strip your skin, yet removes all of your makeup. Look no further! The beautiful consistency of this oil helps breakdown even the toughest of waterproof mascaras, simply rub into the face including the eye area and rinse off with warm water gently washing away the remnants of the day. Leaving your face feeling revived and dirt free.

4) Although it is classed as a saturated fat, it is a GOOD one! Yes there actually are good ones out there, in fact it helps slightly speed up your metabolism, so can aid in gentle weight loss. Its trans fats we need to watch out for, of which Coconut oil has none! Phew! Its ability to be heated and not oxidise, causing nasty free radicles in the air, makes this oil one of the best around to cook with. It even adds a great subtle tropical flavour to your food which makes the dream cake even more dreamier.

5) Ran out of shaving foam for those gorgeous pins??? Look no further than that beautiful jar of Coconut oil. Smooth all over your legs before shaving for a smooth finish, not only does it allow the razor to glide gently across your skin, it also acts as a skin calmer for those sore pores after you have shaved. Try and shave outside the shower though, as sometimes your hands can get a bit slippery on the Razor.

So there we have it! 5 key things we didn't realise that small simple jar of coconut oil could even be used for. It is natures way of showing us we don't need to spend mountains of gold to get our skin and hair feeling and looking a million dollars.

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